By Adam

M. Ibmor

In the black community verious forms of symbiotic relationships are formed as with any community and many social living creatures¹. Generally speaking humans try to create mutualistic relationships with every other human we meet as these generally speaking improve survival.

The ultimate and most intimate expression of a mutualistic relationship is the on between a husband and his wife, and to a lesser extent the boyfriend and girlfriend². Here I use the biological definition not the psychological definition to avoid negative connotations³.


Prior to the 1960s black families largely lived in mutualistic relationships. However, after the 1970s the relationships began to strain as the preceived and tangible benefits offered the government to black women challenged the tangible benefits offered by a man.

From this point onward dating had become more and more commensal. A commensal relationship is one where one partner benefits and the other is largely unaffected⁴. Namely, at best black women seeked partners who coupd benefit them, but do to the feminist ideology she saw no need to return the favor in any tangible way.

Once we entered the 1990s, continuing up until today we see a shift. Media has taught socoety rhat the only beneficiary of any relationship should be the woman and at great cost to the man! This has resulted in black women seeking parasitic relationships where she not only benefits but drains the man as well, with threat of state sanctioned financial or physical violence⁵.

Is it any wonder that men are avoiding marriage and even dating these days?


The extent of these relationships is not limited merely to relationship arena. Black women are an amensalism to the community politically. An amensalism is "an association between organisms of two different species in which one is inhibited or destroyed and the other is unaffected. There are two basic modes: competition in which a larger or stronger organism excludes a smaller or weaker one from living space or deprives it of food..."⁶. For example, a potted plant placed on cinder blocks above a similar plant placed below. The shade of the plant above blocks sunlight to the plant below thus killing it.

Black men and women used to view themselves as apartof the same group. Howrver, we see increasingly that black women view themselves as separate from the community. They compete against "their men" and are enabled by the government to do so.

Politically it is obvious that black women are better organized, are better positioned and have more political influence than black men. This is used to stifle the unirganized, poorly positioned and less influential voice of black men.

The "living space" is the community. But rest assured black men's growth is being inhibited by their presence in this amenalistic relationship.


The only solution is to back away from the current dating market and reassess the costs. Politically black men need a new "living space". We need to become our own separate politcal entity, only then can we grow.




3. Ibid.




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