By Davi M. Ibmor

I hope to address directly some concerns related by peers in the red pill space. The first point I shall address is that of microchimerism. Second, shall be the over arching issue of the female body count.

1. Microchimerism occurs as a result of sexual intercourse. That is a distinct possibility that increases the more partners a woman has. That is basic statistics.

2. EVEN IF IT WERE ONLY PREGNANCIES that caused microchimerism we must recognize that:

A. A baby is a combination of MALE and female DNA. So if she aborted her child that man's DNA is in her STILL. Trying to say it's "her son" is just gynocentric babble. That is that man's DNA in her body.

B. FACT: 50% of pregnancies terminate in spontaneous abortions¹. The majority of which the woman didn't even know she was pregnant².

Ultimately, the longevity of a relationship, risk of divorce and marital happiness are all proven to have a near causal relationship with a womans sexual history³. The more partners she has had, the worse off she is as a partner⁴!

Now mr. Hashim Trends Locario has a VERY valid argument. If you cannot determine precisely how many partners she has had, then why worry about it.

Well, at the end of the day, doctors cannot diagnose precisely what illness you have but based on clinical trials and your symptoms they can recognize the possibility of one illness or another.

Similarly, we cannot diagnose whether a woman is a verified thot or not but through empirical data and past experiences of literally millions of men at this point Ash Mackademian we can determine the "symptoms" of a thot.

1. Are any of her friends confirmed thots?

2. How many past partners does she claim to have?

3. How many male "friends" does she have?

4. Did she go to college?

5. Has she ever had an abortion/miscarriage?

6. Does she have children born out of wedlock?

7. Is she an open feminist?

8. Does she have an ambivalent attitude toward premarital sex?

9. What type of music does she like to listen to?

10. Has she memorized the lyrics to explict songs?

11. How old is she? How old was she when she first started dating?

12. How many serious, long term relationships has she had?

13. Does she enjoy going to clubs and parties often?

14. Are any of her friends divorced?

15. Does she smoke cigarettes, weed or use drugs?

16. Does she consume alcohol? If so. How much?

17. Does she have an STI or STD? Has she had an STI or STD?

18. How does she respond to male attention?

19. Does she have a social media account? If so, what does she post?

20. Is she highly protective of her cellular device?

21. Does she have an only fans?

22. Does she have alternate accounts on social media?

These are not questions you ask in a rapid fire interview. But rather you collect this data through conversation and indirect observation overtime.

These are all indicators symptomatic of a thot. The more of these she has. The more likely she is a thot. There are studies, articles and empirical observations that quantify and support each othese criteria. This list is by no means arbitrary.

So, can a man accurately PROVE a woman has had 7.2 bodies? No. But, can a man identify the symptoms of a thot? Yes.




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