If 80% of guys were having sex with freaks, then i would understand the stupidity in saying "y'all are hoes i wont marry you" since the majority of men contribute to that problem.

Yet based on the data the majority of black men aren't having sex and don't have children*. Nearly 59% of black men dont have children and based on what we know about sexual activity in relationships they aren't having that much sex either.

41% have children and of that 50% are married*. Based on infidelity rates of black men we can assume that they are by and large faithful partners*. So, again 59% no children, having virtually no sex (less than 1 partner a year). 21% married, have children and were faithful to their partners*.

So, that leaves precisely 20% of black men who have children out of wedlock and are likely the guys that are getting all the freaky sex. 6% of all black men are in jail or prison, while 32% are ex-offenders*. Since we know 50% of prison and jail inmates have children*, we know that basically 80% of the UNMARRIED black men that have children were or are in prison or jail.

CONCLUSION 59% of black men by and large are sexually responsible and not getting all that freaky sex. 21% are married and largely faithful (aberrational number are unfaithful). 16% have children out of wedlock and are in prison or are sex offenders, these are the men likely to get all the freaky sex. 4% remaining are the athletes, rich, famous black men that also get all the freaky sex. Errors: its possible that a population of the 59% of average black men without felonies and unmarried are getting freaky sex but based on self reporting these men get aberrational amounts of sex at all. WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? Simple, women can't say "y'all men say you love freaks, but then you call us hoes (and wont marry us)". You are purposely conflating two groups of men. You are freaks with one group of men and expect commitment from another group. It doesn't work like that sweetheart. This pattern is the same ACCROSS race, i just used blacks as an example. So putting this data together it pretty much lines up with the 80/20 rule.

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