How opposing content creators should handle Kevin Samuels threats

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The "Eggplant Scandal" started with a 47-second clip of Kevin Samuels, an image consultant, and date coach, making comments that call his sexuality into question( Kevin Samuels, a middle-aged man, was working with a 20-year old adolescent male client on a video conference. After the adolescent male admitted to being overweight and not having a job, Mr. Sameuls repugnantly asked him, "you have a big dick?". When the adolescent male, who's a virgin, said that he didn't know if he large member, the middle-aged consultant stated, "nigga you know if you have a big dick, stop the bullshit!" He continued, "Every dude know whether he has a big dick, I know I got a big dick, you don't know?"

The 50 or 51-year-old consultant continued the exchange with insults about the adolescent's weight, lack of finances, and insufficient enough genitalia. His defenders, like Obsidian Media Network, pointed out that critics took the video out of context. But when Obsidian played the entire soundbite in context, it revealed a clip of Kevin Samuels asking the adolescent if he engages in masturbation (6: 15 to 14:42 The additional evidence further solidified the ensuing criticism. Some would look at this article and ask, "what does his sexuality have to do with dating advice?" Oshay Duke Jackson and Obsidian Media Network(Mr. Samuels associates) made it clear that Black Men who dated White Females could not talk about Black Females because of its contradictory nature. I.E., "no skin in the game." The same standard should go for Kevin Samuels, if he is, in fact, a homosexual, he cannot advise heterosexual people in how to date. Obsidian told Donovan Sharp to stick with Becky, so Kevin Samuels( if he's gay) should stick with advising some of his Atlanta GA contemporaries. Instead of Mr. Samuels answering the scrutiny himself, he decided to direct threats against Youtubers in the Black Manosphere that fairly criticizes him.

With Mr. Samuels having 100k subscribers and likely a sufficient reserve of money, he has the political sway with Youtube and presumably enough money for legal fees to deliver on his legal threats. So how can content creators with smaller channels fight back against Kevin Samuels and his immense resources?

1. Report Kevin Samuels for violating the harassment and cyberbullying policy of the Youtube community guidelines. In Kevin Samuels's video, which he made the threats, he cited the harassment and cyberbully policy. But what he doesn't seem to understand is his on-air consultations with him degrading, making fun of and insulting Black Women and his talk with the adolescent male were violations of said policy. Remember, with 100k subscribers, good views, and audience engagement, he will get the benefit from a doubt. However, if repeated accurate reports of his channel are made, Youtube will eventually have no choice.

2. Use the rules to your advantage by following them to criticize Kevin Samuels. One thing Kevin Samuels was very particular about was using his Name Image and Likeness. You don't have to use his NIL to attack him. How so? For example, Jason Black wrote what some thought was a criticism of Kevin Samuels on his community tab ( He posted a picture of a rough-looking Black Man with a messed up suit and glasses under the few paragraphs. The post was smart because of A. He didn't mention Kevin by name, B. He used key phrases and descriptive characteristics that relate to Kevin Samuels but could be anyone C. His audience was able to fill in the blank by reading the paragraph and seeing the picture below. Now I don't promote what Jason is doing, but it's an interesting tactic. Kevin Samuels has claimed that the comment sections are part of the violations. But, no evidence can be found in the community guidelines on Youtube; thus, it gives Jason's audience the ability to comment on Kevin Samuels without fear of reprisal unless the creator decides to take the comment down.

3. Back up content on other is rising as a top alternative content platform for Black Men. Recently I took my video on Obsidian and Kevin Samuels off Youtube for fear of reprisal. The video was put on FSAvenger, and the video earned more views than the video on Youtube in roughly the same period. Now this tactic isn't without risk because Youtube does police off-site content. However, this rule is rarely enforced. Doing live streams can be risky, I would advise not using his alleged NIL on youtube's live stream. When one is finished, take that video to and give the video a proper title. FSAvenger is viable and should be used to keep content up that's not subjected to the politics of Youtube Community Guidelines or the Fee Fees of creators like Kevin Samuels.

4. In Mr. Samuels' video, he said he could report channels for calling him a homosexual because Youtube said homosexuality is a protected status group. That's an odd comment coming from someone who claims he is not a homosexual. For the harassment and slander claims to be true, Mr. Samuels being a homosexual, would have to be false. But Mr. Samuels says he plans to use community guidelines to assert protected class status. If that's the case, his critics would technically be correct about their claims that Mr. Samuels is a homosexual. Furthermore, in 2017, exercise guru Richard Simmons sued the National Enquirer for calling him a Transgender. The court struck down this claim, which set the precedent that being called LGBT+ cannot be used based on a slander/libel case( Keep in mind that Youtube is located in California, where the legal precedent was set. The following information could be used as a defense if faced with litigation. If one can, they should seek legal advice from an attorney in their state on intellectual property matters.

5. More content creators need to adopt a "ground game" of sorts. Doing videos is great and should be a primary means of communication, but don't underestimate written journalism's power. Many brothers are uncomfortable on the mic or camera, and that's ok. We need more brothers who are mud rakers willing to do investigative journalism and expose corruption in the space. If we have brothers that do written journalism and not youtube, those investigative pieces could be used as cited sources in our videos. It would become a mutual relationship from a marketing standpoint. Keep in mind, the 1st amendment rights of freedom of the press apply. Just make sure statements are factual or opinionated and one should be safe.

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