Infanticide among women: why is it increasing? By Davi Ibmor

Infanticide among women: why is it increasing?

Filicide and infanticide are on the rise and single mothers are leading the way¹. Note the following quote²:

"Women who committed filicide

varied greatly by the type of sample stud-

ied. Neonaticide was often committed by

young, poor, unmarried women with lit-

tle or no prenatal care."

Basically, these women are single mothers in debt who had children by deadbeats. In fact 32 years of infanticade arrest reports shows that women are ½ the accused (doesn't include convictions)³. Similarly filicide is on the rise for mothers and rhe declinenfor fathers⁴.

In fact 80% of the women accused in a study conducted in Canada were women whonwere young and unmarried⁵. One of the major reasons for killing a child was because they were "unwanted and viewed as a hindrance"⁶ ⁷.


This is related to a natural instinct. As the welfare state shrinks and the economic conditions worsen women will need to compete for resources with other women.

These animals will commit infanticide when a male lion takes over⁸. ⁹. Infact, this has been noted around other species:

"Females are also known to display infanticidal behavior. This may appear unexpected, as the conditions described above do not apply. Males are not always an unlimited resource though—in some species, males provide parental care to their offspring, and females may compete indirectly with others by killing their offspring, freeing up the limiting resource that the males represent. This has been documented in research by Stephen Emlen and Natalie Demong on wattled jacanas (Jacana jacana), a tropical wading bird.[15]"

This ties in with the string of news articles that show child abandonment by women and other articles where mothers are killing their children. I posit that in the coming months as the economy gets worse and more men go MGTOW, red pill, ibmor, SYSBM or sinply refuses to date we will see:

1. More single mothers abusing their own children.

2. More single mothers abandoning their own children.

3. More single mothers killing their own children.


Due to conpetition for men with means who refuse to date single mothers.



2. Child Murder by Mothers: A Critical Analysis of the Current State of Knowledge and a Research Agenda

Susan Hatters Friedman, M.D.

Sarah McCue Horwitz, Ph.D.

Phillip J. Resnick, M.D.








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