By Adam M. Ibmor

A studies have shown that large swathes of the Male population have become sexless¹. What is the result of this phenomenon? Male indifference toward women². The wnd of Benevolent sexism as it were.

Studies conducted on mice showed that when they were prevented from receiving a reward and were teased long enough the reward was no longer effective³. Even dogs are smart enough to realize that being teased is pointless and it's a waste of energy that could be used for comfortable survival. Especially if other dogs are rewarded and he has to pay the cost, this is called inequity aversion⁴.

Dogs resources share with females that potentially going to reproduce with them⁵. When that possibility doesn't exist they only hunt or forage for what is required for their own survival.

If Dogs are smart enough to know this, don't you think men, who are sexless, will eventually become immune to the lure of sex? If you lived that long without sex. Then it can't make or break you and it's power is weak.

Inequity aversion is the phenomenon we are seeing now among many men. Men see that the top 20% of guys are able to get away with alot of behavoirs that the "lower teir" men cannot. Further, they get rewarded for less. Even dogs avoid these scenarios.

When one dog is rewarded, while another is not for the samething task, the dog not rewarded stops participating and loses interest. Having owned several dogs in my life, I can attest to the fact that even dogs have an internal sense of justice.

If you keep teasing a dog with a treat to get it to perform tasks, eventually the dog will lose interest and give up.

If a dog will do this, how much more so, would a human man?







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