We should support black women marrying white men

Author: Will F Hunter

As we move forward with the New Society agenda, what those of you who are down (or at least CLAIM to be) need to realize is that the black woman is for the white man's pleasure and his purpose.

I've seen a lot of you showcase a whole lot of resentment toward black female/white male relationships and I'm here to tell you, you're being mad FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON. Black women were NEVER HERE for black men to begin with. This was the social contract that was established the DAY they were brought on these shores as slaves. Understand this, THE WHITE MAN IS THE DOMINANT ALPHA MALE IN THIS SOCIETY --- THE WHOLE WORLD, IN FACT. He will ALWAYS be first choice, he will ALWAYS get the most deferential treatment, he will ALWAYS be the one whose looks are most desired. Those are the perks that come with WINNING. And yeah black man, you can puff yourself up talking about your melanin, your athleticism, your rhythm, your swag, and your "endowment" but trust me, none of that means SQUAT because you are the LEAST powerful man in the world.

It's NOTHING to be salty about, it should only serve as motivation for YOU to make YOURSELF a winner. So, with that being said, we need to AGGRESSIVELY promote black women going with white men to their hearts content. It's quite obvious that's who they prefer the most because without fail black females always be on their BEST behavior when dealing with white men and they NEVER give them any of the drama or baggage they give us. People should always get with those who make them be the best version of themselves and it's clear the black woman can NOT do that with the black man. And gentlemen, THAT SHOULD NOT BOTHER YOU WHATSOEVER.

These women have shown time and time again that they are of NO use to us whatsoever. Between their obesity, their horrid attitudes, their lust for Pookie, and their general tendency to undermine us, it's nothing but plain SIMPING to be feeling territorial over them dealing with non-black men. The ONLY thing the daggle can do for the New Society is breed herself out of existence. This is why we ALWAYS promote white men and other non-black men being with black females. They're doing US a favor. The New Society IS NOT ABOUT PRESERVING MELANIN, IT'S ABOUT GAINING POWER.

There is NO future in the daggle....non-black women are the ONLY way we educated and productive black men will have the righteous, wholesome families, communities, and cultures we rightfully deserve. The daggle is nothing.....you can't miss nothing. Let her go and DON'T LOOK BACK.

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