By Davi M. Ibmor

If you go to a bank to open up a checkings account, no one cares about your credit score and financial history. If you overdraft, the bank will cover it and charge you. If you don't pay they will just charge it to the game most of the time¹.

However, if you try to take out a loan, the bank will typically check your credit score and financial history because significantly more money is at stake². their risk of loss is much higher and as a result this affects hoe they treat your personal loan³.


In a similar way, if one is casually dating or dating "just for fun", the number of partners the woman has had is largely irrelevant. An excessive number could be a bad sign much like an overdraft, but by and large the risk is pretty low. These are normally pump and dump relationships. Most guys do nkt worry about body counts of women that they will not invest in.

Does a trick care about the body count of a pro?

Does a john care about the body count of a stripper?

Does a wanker care about the body count of a porn start?

Of course not. They do not care because they are merely using the relationship for quick relief.

However, if the man is looking to "invest" in this woman long term, much like a bank invests in a person through a loan with interest, things are different. This man is looking to get returns on his investment.

A woman with a high body count has a low "sexual FICO" score. Promiscuous women has greater divorce and desertion rates than non promiscuous women⁴. They have a greater chance of developing microchimerism⁵. They have a greater chance of getting STD and STI⁶ ⁷.

As a result it is obvious why men care about a women's body count or her sexual FICO score.


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